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digital fish by netghost digital fish by netghost
A digital fish. I really liked how the hand turned out in digital.genesis [link] so I used the same style for this fish. I'd really appreciate any comments, this is something of an experiment

Enjoy... Oh as with everything I do, 1oo% done by me, 1oo% done in photoshop :) (Smile)
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OvejaNegra Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2004
Whoa, what a cool pic, I like the idea, a lot!!!!

Saludoskis :omg:
FishAddict85 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2004
I've been searching for a fish wallpaper I liked and I finally suceeded! :D Love it!!!
childofministry Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2003
I love this. Possibly because I was just reading a book about a violent sea-planet, and had forgotten how cute water-life can be. Heart
laurel Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2003
im obsessed with anything fishy. love it.
lordmarcus Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2002   Writer
its amazing what one with such talent in photoshop can do
antigrrl Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2002
really original! i love the warm colours and everything!
negativethinking Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2002
i like so much the colors, but i dont like the fish texture. the opossite that say netghost. at least good work Headbang!
shebadapuddytat Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2002
Fish rock my world! Great stuff!
juliette Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2002

I love fish.
uberbechin Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2002
10K pageviews! damn! that's like...a lot!
glassworm Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2002
wow..this is so glows@@....! It is also now my new wallpaper. I love the colors!
ccomett Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2002
wow it's so beautiful!! i just cant help it but to stare at it...i derno it's so intriguing
marveloue idea and colors yer work is soo magnificent!!!!! :D (Big Grin)
lyds Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2002   Interface Designer
Wow :D (Big Grin) You know a trick to photoshop that I sure don't know!
Amazing work! The colors are great and I love the fish!
:-) (Smile)
piqument Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2002  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Usually when hearing digital, you think 3d max graphics and similar, but this is very digital, very real. Thanks for the mind-wrench. :) (Smile)
taxman Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2002
Absolutely wonderful... the vertical/diagonal/horizontal streaks, the seismographic waves, the interesting shape of the fish itself. Its wireframe composition... and I haven't mentioned the glowing... did I mention the glowing?

rasha Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2002  Professional Photographer
very lively fishy, I could just see the fish moving across the red screen with some snapy electronic music in background. Like this one and I think you should animate it because of the strong feeling of movement - the fish takes the turn to the cross made of the vertical and horizontal lines and smiles just like seeing something funny and interesting, the glow just contributes to the sensation of motion and music that follows the movement. The colors are good and the fish is drawn just about right... Like this one and I downloaded it for my wallpaper :-) (Smile)
chazbone Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2002
Wow...I dig enormously...+fav...i want a shirt like this =) (Smile)
krise Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2002
wow, great effect . the simple idea of such colors-fish-enviroment-effects , all totally to my liking! i love the warm and lively atmosphere to it :) (Smile)
cheba2 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2002
that fish thing is amazing, all photoshop, even the fish¿ it looks like a render, good work man and nice style
delici0us Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2002
i like this alot. sylish..

_// delicious ++
katana-dk Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2001
I REALLYREALLYREALLY *HATE* fish. Except this one :d

Now all you need is a sniper-scope or a handgrenade or something LOL

But seriously, it's unlike anything I've seen before. Not just because of the radioactive fish (it should be green IMHO :D (Big Grin) ), but the dark bottom and the 2 lines. Good job!!
jsenn Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2001
...Body artists could paint little swithly whispering fish on the faces of children and we would have a glorious time waving fish flags and flying Japanese fish kites. ...this is way too cool, cause you would be the one who started it all and people would come from miles around just to see the famous golden digital fish in the red sea art and you would be famous and when you die, your heirs might auction off your painting and receive trillions of dollars and then someday they would give it to a museum and it would hang forever as the greatest digital fish ever created...yeah! Why not! More power to digital fish art...I love it! (Hi Adam, have you missed me? LOL...Joy)
jsenn Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2001
Artists that I never ever expect to do this will create a digital fish. They are the most fascinating creatures. I think I like every single digital fish I ever saw, even the lovely abstract ones whose only feature recognized might be a fish eye or scale, I like everyone of them. So, ya know, I wish you would do one every once in a while and maybe someday you would have enough digital fish to put on a fish showing and other artists might join you and we would have a fish festival and poets could read their fish poetry...
galagagirl Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2001
i like the colours, its nice to see something warm for a change. very surreal feeling, great piece.

::: :::
hitodama Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2001  Professional Digital Artist
squizy Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2001
i dont like the colors, but i do like the way the fish glows .. pimp 8-) (Cool) -squiz-

· -and then there was squiz- ·
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July 22, 2001
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